Policy of confidentiality

The purpose of this policy is to inform of visitors GEGmarket.am, what data is collected for registration on the site and how they are used.:

Protection of personal information

In order to register on the site you need information by e-mail. , Your name and surname:
In order to ensure safe and convenient service, the information you provide is used for the following purposes 

  • • To support
  • • For assistance with technical difficulties
  • • To better meet your needs
  • • Inform you about updates and new services
  • • In order to send information about special offers

GEGmarket.am- ensures your privacy and will not provide information to third parties


Other information collected while visiting the site

When you visit GEGmarket.am site information is collected about your computer: For example, when you visit our site, which pages you are browsing, the type of browser, the Internet name of the service provider (UCOM, Orange ...) and related information:

The collected information is not personal, it is possible to count the number of visitors, statistics pages about visits: This information allows us to constantly monitor our website and make it more user-friendly:


Informers (cookies) files for use

The site of GEGmarket.am uses cookies Cookies are alphanumeric strings that are created on the site:While visiting the site, backup copies remain on your computer: Cookies are safe for the computer and do not collect personal information: Thanks to Cookies, the website becomes faster and more convenient: